No Mistakes With Snakes: Snakeproofing Your Camp Site

10 November 2015
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The reptilian wildlife of Australia is almost infinitely diverse and unique and can be a true joy to behold - but not when you wake up sharing your sleeping bag with it. Keeping snakes out of your tent or camper trailer on a camping trip is a big priority for any Australian camping enthusiast, since the country is home to some of the most venomous and deadly snakes found anywhere in the world. Read More 

Keeping Larger Camper Trailers And Awnings Warm During The Winter Months

23 October 2015
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Australia's climate is as unforgiving to the camper trailer owner as it is to everyone else, and while keeping your trailer cool in the summer months can be a struggle, keeping it warm in winter can be equally difficult. Naturally, this is even more challenging for those with large camper trailers and/or awning extensions, as exponentially more heating power is required to keep spacious interiors warm. Luckily, the camper trailer accessory market offers a wide array of different heating options for the varying needs of campers. Read More