3 Fantastic Vacation Ideas for a Long Weekend with the Family

17 October 2017
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Everyone loves a little downtime, and a long weekend with the family is a perfect opportunity to take time off from your labours and rest. You can spend valuable time with your children building memories that will last long after the weekend is over and done. An ideal family getaway is one that doesn't take a long time to travel to and offers various fun experiences for both adults and children. Next time you start to plan your family fun weekend, consider the ideas below.

Go to an Amusement Park

Amusement parks are a veritable family fun weekend staple for many Australians. From the friendly crowds to the many games, theme rides, food, etc., they provide a family with the type of suitable atmosphere for wholesome fun. While Disneyworld will always be a top choice around the world, it may be out of your reach in Australia. However, there are local amusement parks that offer an unforgettable family bonding experience. The Gold Coast is one of Australia's best theme park areas where you can have fun with the family.

Go Camping

In today's modern word, fun is most often experienced indoors. This makes a camping trip with the family unforgettable. Spending some time in the great outdoors observing nature and showing your children various practical life skills in a fun way is hard to beat. 

If you are not the hardcore tent-in-the-woods type, hire a camper trailer if you don't already own one and spend time in the outdoors while not sacrificing any modern conveniences. A camping road trip that covers various areas of attraction will leave a mark on the children while revitalising you, the parent. The Great Ocean Road is an example of a suitable area for road trips with camper trailers to savour the sights while communing with nature.

Spend Some Time At the Beach

You can't talk about vacations without talking about the beach. A staple recreational idea, the beach provides a memorable experience. The children can make sand castles, play in the water, look at the various kinds of fish swimming around and just have fun in the sun. You can lay on the beach reading a book or enjoying the sun while keeping a watchful eye on them.


Vacations are a time to unwind with the family while having fun and making memories together. There are various ideas you can incorporate into your family weekend or vacation time to enjoy each other's company without necessarily breaking the bank.